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Shockwave Assault 1 & 2

The first game was originally on 3DO as Shockwave and then an expansion set was released called Operation Jumpgate, then both parts were ported to consoles as Shockwave Assault and that version was also ported to PC and Mac with better graphics.
The second Shockwave game was on 3DO and the Mac got an exclusive port with upgraded graphics and additional music which only was released in the MacPack Blitz bundle by Aztech, doesn't look like it had a regular retail release but I definitely used to have the bundle w/ the game, many many ages ago.
At any rate, I've since played through both games on the 3DO, the first game is kind of crappy but the second game is REALLY good, easily one of the top 5 games on 3DO (and I've played most of the 3DO library) so I think an upload for this overlooked Mac exclusive is well overdue.


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I has some bundles from Aztech but never had that one...Surprising they don't have a crazy price on this one......