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Shared Desktop across drive partitions?? Help please

My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I did search I can't find other references to the situation I find myself in at the moment.

Background: I have a PPC Power Mac with a larger SCSI (SCA) drive with SCSI adapter I have added to it. The drive was partitioned with a patched version of Drive Setup 1.7.3. I created 6 partitions so that I could run 4 different versions of Classic Mac OS. (all partitions I use start under the 8 GB boundary) All 4 OS boot just fine.

But here is where things get weird. The desktop appears to be shared across all 4 OS partitions. If I place a file/shortcut on the desktop for OS#1, use Startup Disk to select one of the other OS, and then reboot into any of the other 3 OS partitions, that file/shortcut will be present on the desktop.

If I look at the file info for that file/shortcut while in say OS#2, it will indicate something like this: OS#1 : Desktop

Is this intentional for desktop items to be shared across all partitions? I can't think that it is. And the problem is that it will lock up the Mac if I try to move that file to a different folder. It starts to move/copy the file and then just freezes.

So I am wondering if I went about creating these partitions incorrectly somehow. Or if this is unique to me.

Edit: for what it is worth, the "Trash" is also shared across all 4 OS and they each can see what has been put in the trash by the others along with emptying it for all.

Thanks to anyone who replies and knows how I need to resolve the issue!!


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Edit: for what it is worth, the "Trash" is also shared across all 4 OS and they each can see what has been put in the trash by the others along with emptying it for all.

The Trash can icon, for sure. It displays the Trash folder contents of all drives connected at a time.
For example, new Mac users often wonder about their USB flash drive sticks when they put files into the trash, but forget to empty it.

When I run Basilisk or SheepShaver, and set a host folder or volume as /Unix file directory, a Desktop DB file will be created there. No idea if it would be shared between different Mac OS versions on the same computer.

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The old Mac Desktop folder is created for every mounted volume.
You did not do something wrong.
With several volumes mounted, all items from the Desktop folders are cluttered on your Desktop. Wink

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Every partition has a Trash - they all appear as one trash can.
Every partition has a Desktop Folder - they all map to one desktop.

If you want to know where a file actually resides to a Get Info on it.

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Thanks for the replies and the education. I think the freezing problem during a copy is a "me" issue. I am scanning the drive for bad blocks now and hopefully that resolves the issue.

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Interesting observation... Another interesting process with a setup of partitions is to observe which Mac OS your PowerMac chooses to boot into without user direction. I have observed with my PowerMac6100/66 that where different Mac OS (7.5.3, 8.1, 9.1) are installed on partitions of the same HDD, it will choose to boot into the earliest Mac OS (7.5.3) of the available options. I know this cannot be SCSI ID issue related (because there was only 1 SCSI device attached). Maybe someone can explain this phenomenon

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I don't have an old enough machine to hand to test this. But perhaps it's no more simpler than the order of the partitions - physically (located before another) and/or logically (with a lower number in the partition map)

It could also be the driver partition..... I guess as you used Drive Setup 1.7.3 it might be looking for the OS that was current when that version was released, or just the earliest it can find.

Another interesting thing would be (being able) to list all the different versions of Drive Setup (or the earlier HD/SC Setup), the version of Mac OS they came with, and which operating system(s) they can boot (i.e. install a new OS on another partition, refuse to update the disk driver).

And whether they will partition generic IDE / FW / SCSI disks or just ones with smegging apple firmware Tongue

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Normally the Mac will startup from whichever "disk" was previously set in the Startup Disk control panel. Possibly if for some reason it loses that setting (dead PRAM battery maybe), then it might just boot from whichever it finds first when checking through the attached drives ... which would probably be the first partition / first created partition with a bootable System Folder, but it may also depend on any firmware updates. BUT, I have noticed that some partitions do load slower than others from the same drive, so possibly the size of the partition is a contributing factor.