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Serial terminal program

Me again (o;

Does someone know of another serial terminal program than ZTerm?

My Prolific PL2303 adapters are recognized and driver installed, as ZTerm lists it when starting up...but after a while crashes...


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Joined: 2016 Mar 10

Claris Works seems to be the only way....version 5.0.1....

Works nicely with PL2303 USB adapter, but only up to 57600 baud...seems to be a limit in the serial tool extension.

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Try Pacer's ZModem Tool - add it to the Extensions folder (reboot), then use this with ClarisWorks instead of the other Comms serial tools on offer to CWks.

Baud rate limits may be a reflection of the period they were produced in tho'...

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'Terminal 2.2', scriptable and offers ZMODEM. 'seyon', 'picocom' or 'minicom' if you don’t like GUIs.

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maybe something in the following?

For something really, really old...Red Ryder. Probably useless these days.