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Screenshots with Three Monitors!

I have set up a Power Macintosh 8600/300 with Mac OS 7.6.1 and three monitors for the purpose of running A-10 Attack!, A-10 Cuba!, and F/A-18 Hornet Classic in panorama mode. The two extra monitors are driven by two ATI XCLAIM VR Pro (Rage Pro for Mac) with 4MB VRAM each, using the XCLAIM VR Installer 3.1 found here.

Apparently, the shift+command+3 screenshot creates a 3072x768 PICT file since I'm using three 1024x768 monitors (at 60 Hz). Here's one of some friendly F-16s at the beginning of the A-10 Attack! mission "Retaliation" (no, you can't fly the F-16):

Here's one at the beginning of the mission "Drop Zone" in A-10 Cuba!:

Here's one at the beginning of the Hornet Classic "Air-to-Air" training mission:

The two A-10 simulators put a visual gap (or skip) in between the monitors to take into account, I suppose, the gap created by the physical borders of the monitors. It works out in the game, but this is why those screenshots have three noticeably discontinuous sections. Hornet Classic doesn't do this, so the screenshot is a continuous panorama. Again, these are whole screenshots, i.e., they were not stitched together.

I copied the PICT files via a Zip 100 disk to a PowerBook G4 running Panther to convert them to PNG using Preview. Then, since the color profile on the 8600 is quite different from that of my MacBook Pro, I used GIMP to adjust the gamma of the PNG files, so that they appear like they would on the 8600's monitors.

I have two questions:

What other multi-monitor programs from the Classic Mac OS era are there?

Also, the video cards are connected to three Dell 15-inch monitors through DB-15 to VGA HD-15 adapters that have no dip switches. This allows me to choose from a large number of resolutions and refresh rates in the Monitors & Sounds control panel. However, the 8600 never can drive the monitors immediately after being switched on. Invariably, I have to turn the computer off and on a second time or use control+command+power to boot again to get the monitors to function. Is there a way to get the monitors to work immediately? (This has nothing to do with multiple monitors. It occurs with only a single monitor as well.)