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Joined: 2009 Aug 19

Does anyone know the best way to take screenshots in OS9? there are certain games that don't allow Shift  3 to work so i'm looking for a way around this

thanks for your time


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Joined: 2009 Apr 17

 + shift + 4 is another one, but I think its just selecting parts of the screen. You could also try some screen capture applications, but I'm not sure the ones that are available for OS 9 macs. Had Snapz Pro once a pon a time.

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And if you activate caps lock before pressing  + shift + 4 the cursor turns into a bull's eye (or something like that) and it will only take a screenshot of the frontmost window.

If some doesn't game let you take screenshots this way, check the documentation/preferences to see if it lets you take screenshots by pressing F13 or some custom key combo. Some games that don't let you take screenshots anyway can be "cheated" by taking screenshots of replays. But if none of that works, then follow j_damage•69 advice and get Snapz Pro.