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Joined: 2009 Apr 21
Screen size limits

I see that some games require at least 13" screen size. Do these games have problems with old powerbooks (like powerbook 520) that have 9,5" screen size?


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Joined: 2009 Jun 14

I think the 13" screen size requirement mentioned may imply a requirement of 640x480 resolution, from the days of all (Apple) CRTs being 72dpi, the 12" screen available carried only a resolution of 512x384 and the 9" compact Macs of 512x342.

I think your PB520 carried a resolution of 640x480, so you may be OK. The monitors supported 8-bit colour, while your PB supports only 4-bit grayscale, so no promises.

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It should work, as i played 640x480 games on my powerbook 540c ppc(I wish I still had it Sad ), but I could be wrong.

My experience with the powerbook 5xx series is that they work great for MS Office 98 and most os 7 era games and some 8.1 games.

Go ahead and try it and report back Smile

PS, if you have a powerbook 540c, don't try installing mac os 8.5. I updated it and it ran REALLY REALLY SLOW!!!!!!!!