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Joined: 2016 Dec 31
Is save navegate with Classilla?

Hi, I'm a new here and I have a lot of doudts. Sorry about that. Beside English is not my native language so I make a lot of mistakes. But I thinks that is a great comunity, you are helping me a lot those days, thanks ^^

I bought a iMac G3 500mhz a few weeks ago. I tried to use Tiger but is very slow in that machine (I think it's for the RAm I've 128mb). And I discover OS9. I have been amazed by OS9.

Usually crash Classilla. This has led me to think if it is save to use Clasilla and OS9 to navegate. Are you using Classilla/9? Does It need some special configuration to be safe?

Thanks for all, and I hope some day help us a bit of you are helping me.


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Joined: 2010 Feb 11

Yes, Classilla is very stable and rarely crashes. I think your problem is RAM. Classilla wants 128mb on it's own, so having 128mb for the whole system is too little.

Get some more RAM and your issues should disappear Smile

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I still use WamCom Mozilla instead of Classilla (which was developed from WaMCom's code), because it has features I need that were dropped from Classilla's code base such as the ability to use (older) plug-ins like AdBlock & MMProxy Switch, etc. WamCom is probably as stable but you may be constrained by your current RAM config, as Knez points out.

You also may want to try out, iCab 3.0.5 (classic) from 2008 (scroll down page to locate the download). This is the final version of iCab to support running on Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2.2, and is lighter weight, requiring less than 20MB RAM to run in, has some excellent features (and has Spanish version, too).

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I agree with Mike. ICab 3.0.5 is your best option.
By the way, you can check Ebay for some ram sticks, they’re really cheap...
Revisa que clase de ram usa - PC66 144 pin SO-DIMM (hard to find) or PC-100 3.3V 168-pin SDRAM (easy to find).

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IIRC iMacs of 2000/2001 did have two RAM slots which could take a 512MB module each as maximum.
Though these Macs were specified PC100, PC133/PC166 modules would fit because they were backward compatible.

Something like this could help to get the most out of such an iMac:

Please do correct me, in case my memory is failing.

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Joined: 2016 Dec 31

Thanks all for your reply. Sorry for late answer, I have some problems with my iMac, but now is full runing ^^

I lisent 24bit and MadMac, I bounght 2 rams sticks of 512mb and now my iMac flys ^^

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My experience with icab 3: the registered version seems to be faster than the trial version.

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Joined: 2016 Dec 31

But icab dont update icab 3 since 2008 and classica since 2014. That's so much time.

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I suggest using Classilla (god know if there will be another update, Cameron has his hands full) AND additionally WannaBe. It's fast, it's text-based and has it's clear advantages (e.g. browsing news pages fast and efficiently, that would otherwise throw zillions of MB of javascript and graphics at you)