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Running these on a classic Mac

Hello all, If I unpack a program from here onto a classic Mac, will the program run?
Looking for software to run on a Mac SE.
Thanks in advance,
Brad Hansen


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Yes, if the software you download from here is compatible with a Mac SE and whatever version of System software is not it. Some of the apps / games on here are for newer computers than that, so check the requirements on the pages.

DO NOT UNPACK the downloads on a Windows computer though. That will only give you corrupted data that won't run on any Mac - real or emulated.

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Most uploaders took care that their files would be expandable on the target OS.
In some cases however, higher versions of Stuffit were used for archiving old games.
Using Stuffit7 for deflating a file meant for a Mac Plus would be of little use, as a Plus can only run Stuffit 4, IIRC. Stuffit 7 is not downward compatible with 4 for instance.

If you should run into such issue, some kind soul here will re-package the desired file, just let us know.