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Request: Typing Software (with Leprechaun)

Hello all, I am trying to build a "Classroom MAC" (sort of) from my high school days. I have a first gen Emac booting into OS9 (mainly because it was cheap - We used Powermac 5xxx in school, but hey, it works and is a ton faster) Anyway, I have ClarisWorks, After Dark, and all of that installed. But one piece of software I can't find though is a typing program we used in computer class in high school. I would say it would be around 1996 or 1997. The program was themed with a Leprechaun, 4 leaf clovers, and green layout. You would type the sentences, and it would give you your WPM average. I have searched for this program, but I can't find it anywhere, and I can't even find a screenshot out there. Not sure if this was widely used or not. Does anyone know which program this is? I have searched the site, but I may have missed it. Thanks.