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Request: Speech recognition software for Mac OS and Mac OS X PPC (PowerSecretary and iListen)

There were only few speech recognition software for the Power Macintosh and Mac OS and Mac OS X before the switch to Intel processors in 2006.

Mac OS:
• Apple's PlainTalk
• Articulate System's PowerSecretary (known in the UK as "VoicePower Pro"):
TifBITS - Articulate System's PowerSecretary
IBM ViaVoice for Mac (already here on Macintosh Garden!)

Mac OS X:
• Apple's PlainTalk
MacSpeech iListen
The latest available version for iListen is v1.8 (link). iListen v1.6.8 was compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8 and included in later releases, iListen 1.7 was compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 10.4 (Wayback Machine - MacSpeech iListen)

Has anyone the missing software PowerSecretary and iListen and can upload them ?


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I found some versions of iListen (1.7 - 1.8) compressed in different formats. I downloaded the file iListen-1-8-US.update.dmg that is not only updater but contains the app in it. It installed ok but haven't tried it yet.

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PowerSecretary is now on the Garden.