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Request: Powerbook G4 867/1GHz Restore DVD

Hi, I'm approaching the end of my rope here.

I recently acquired a Powerbook A1025 (DVI 867/1GHz) and I'd like to put 9.2.2 on it, which can only be found on its specific restore DVD.

eBay and Amazon turn up nothing, and I've found the restore media for the other Tibook models except this one on this site.


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I have one marked as for the DVI titanium's on my server, but it's for the older 667/800mhz model, not sure if it will be close enough to work or not
Either way it located in: /*|Mac OS Classic/-|Apple disks|-/Apple restore disks/PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI (667|800Mhz) on my server

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I have always used the eMac 9.2.2 CD without any problem on every machine except the mirrored door.

There is also the prebuilt install/restore on the Quicksilver multi CD set.

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I have already uploaded what you are looking for here.

This is the actual installation from the 1GHz TiBook restore DVD. No need for shoehorning QS or eMac versions into your TiBook.

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This is the actual installation from the 1GHz TiBook restore DVD.

Yes, thank you for this.

It would also be great if you could archive to here the full restore DVD of the 1GHz TiBook. Parted files are now permitted as uploads (up to 1 GB per part).