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I wonder if some of you guys have ever seen this CD-ROM produced for the internal usage of the NASA administration (political lobbying) in the beginning of the multimedia era. Interesting for its historical value as well as for its foresight value, in the eve of the present-day martian projects. Thank you in advance for uploading it.

Here is the description of MARSBOOK from Wikipedia:

"Marsbook is a 1993 interactive CD-ROM commissioned by NASA and developed by Human Code, to show politicians their projections for the colonization of Mars. Based on SuperCard, it models NASA's proposed Mars habitat. The CD uses prerendered 3D graphics to allow users to virtually walk through a computer model of the habitat.

Marsbook won two New Media Invision awards, as well as an award from Business Week. System requirements to run the simulation are a color Macintosh II or greater, 8 megabytes of RAM, QuickTime, System 7.x, and a CD-ROM player."