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[Request - Ended] "FileMaker 4" by Nashoba Systems

"FileMaker 4" by Nashoba Systems. This was FileMaker before Claris bought the rights to it and it evolved into FileMaker Pro as we know it today.

Circa 1988, I had a copy several years ago, but no longer.

[Edit] Solved with thanks to mrdav. See comments below.


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MIke, I have not found any disk images of this, but you will find a FileMaker 4 folder on the disc image at (Click “Show All” to see a bin file to download). Filemaker 4 is in the Productivity folder.

I also found a FileMaker 4 Demo tour on in The Files/Demos

The version is definitely the one you are after.

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Thank you so much for finding this, mrdav. I had spent many fruitless hours over a very long period and had not come across mention of this being in that archive.

I will likely create a page for it here including the tour demo, shortly.

A very interesting archive that Classic Survival Kit is too. Thanks again.

[Edit]: Done - FileMaker 4