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[Request] Eric's Ultimate Solitare (Windows & Linux)

Yes, I realize this is the 'Macintosh Garden' (pitch forks and flaming sticks down, please), but would anyone happen to have the Windows and Linux versions of Eric's Ultimate Solitaire?

I am of the understanding these were boxed and sold separately to the Macintosh version.


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Its not about "sticks and pitchforks", but hosting files on here that have no connection to Apple systems in any way would kind of defeat the purpose of this archive. Smile So if those files fit the "10 year rule" we should be asking for the Linux & Windows versions to be hosted alongside the Macintosh versions on the same page.

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--->asking for the Linux & Windows versions to be hosted alongside the Macintosh versions<--
I don't agree with this as a general statement. Cases where we have other versions (mainly Windows) of items is mainly when there is a special relationship of the software with Apple/Mac (e.g Claris software) or hybrid Mac/Win CDs, If it is not clear in any given case then ask if it is OK in a forum.

EDIT: But maybe I misunderstood you, m68k. Perhaps you were making the statement to highlight that it is not appropriate? If so, then I am sorry, but I felt the need to clarify the matter.

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I meant that as long as the software falls under the ten year rule *and* a link can be made to the Apple universe, it might be OK to host the files on the Garden. I know that e.g. for Timbuktu there are Mac and Windows versions hosted here together.

Naturally I am not the one to make the rules in this case, but I felt that logic dictates that Windows/Linux files hosted on the Garden should show some link to Apple & Co. to "justify" their presence. But once again, I've been known to be dead wrong before.

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I don't know of a copy of this, sorry, but it may be be available in various locations: DuckDuckGo search results

It appears to be still available for purchase from Delta Tao (author's web site), for both OS X and Windows. But clicking the paypal purchase links there, looks to be a dead end. There are contact details at the Delta Tao site, which you may wish to pursue.

I noticed on the Delta Tao site that it may have been possible to obtain a hybrid OS X/Win copy of Eric's Ultimate. In which case we would happily have this archived here should a copy come to our notice (and be no longer purchasable from Delta Tao). - Scroll down page to "Real, physical, CD products to be mailed to you". These hybrid releases appear to be mail order only (which likely means, very rare).