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Request: CorePlayer for Mac OS X

I am requesting "CorePlayer for Mac OS X" from Mobihand, the world's most efficient video player on the PowerPC G4.
It is capable of playing 1080p H.264 ACC on a MDD with no dropped frames at about 65-70% CPU.
It was discontinued in 2012.

It is very useful to play all the 720p/1080p videos on older PPC Macs that would not run without massive frame drops otherwise.
Is someone able to upload it ?

MacRumours Forum - CorePlayer is no more! RIP
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YouTube - Comparison of 1080p H.264 video playing with CorePlayer 1.3.6 vs VLC 0.9.10 vs QuickTime, running on an iBook G4, 1.33 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM


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Not sure it would do much good if this is true.

On OS X each version of CorePlayer is locked to the Mac serial number that was given by the buyer. I have gotten a few emails about this, so I want to really emphasize that you cannot get around this. If you do not already have a copy of CorePlayer that is registered to one of your Macs, then you are 100% out of luck to ever get it to run. There seems to be a few out there that think some magic wand can be waved to make this limitation go away. These people need to give up hope, because there is no way to access code which isn't open, and it isn't open.

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I have created an entry for it (link). I have also contacted someone who bought it while it was still available.

There was some attempt to crack it. Someone found the protection mechanism with gdb, but had not enough knowledge in PowerPC assembly language to hack the binary.

Maybe someone can be found to finish the cracking efforts.