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Request: Cinema 4D R11 or R11.5

I've been using Cinema 4D R7 (available from MG) for a couple of years now. But it is an exercise in futility. Modeling is reasonably feature-rich but exporting the results to any sort of Quicktime-based app is impossible. The only export format it offers that is even remotely related is Quickdraw 3D.

R11 (and R11.5) improve the export ability immensely. And these versions will still run on the equipment I have.

Maxon has (of course) abandoned all versions older than R12 although there are some updates still available for R10.



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Any Cinema4D from the first Macintosh version R4 up to R11 is welcome, too !
And also any modules for it (BodyPaint 3D, Smells like Almonds).
We just have a stripped-down Cinema4D XL R7 on this site.

These versions of Cinema4D were released for the PowerPC-Macintosh:
R5 (XL, SE, GO, NET)
R6 (XL, ART)
R7 (XL)
R8, R8.5
R9, R9.5, R9.6
R10, R10.111, R10.5
R11, R11.5

(See also: Wikipedia - Cinema4D)

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If we are to follow the 10-year rule, all the PowerPC versions of Cinema 4D could be uploaded now. The last version, R11.5, was released in 2009 (not sure what month, though).

However, minor updates for that version may have come some time later. Is it acceptable yet to archive R11.5 here?

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Do you have C4D R11.5? (or R11) I thought I was just about to download it here, then realized that's CineBench R11, whatever tf that is! Should be okay at this point based on 10+ years, support has ended, etc. You could perhaps simply add it to the R7 page.

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I may have it somewhere, but I'm not sure. I won't be able to check my files for some weeks now. Sad Someone else should chime in.

Cinebench is a tiny subset of the features from Cinema 4D, but as a separate program, which allow for CPU (and sometimes GPU) benchmarking.