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Joined: 2017 Nov 9
Replacement fan for Mac SE

HI All, can someone please advise me on what would
be a good replacement fan for my Mac SE.  It is almost a
perfect computer, Except! that the fan is so damn load
It just about ruins it.  Would be much appreciated by
Thank you
Brad Hansen


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Joined: 2014 Mar 1

I can recommend SilenX, which makes good case fans of all sizes that are engineered to be quiet. Easy to find from online retailers like Newegg.

Don't be fooled by their front page. Not all of their fans have the glitzy LEDs.

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SilenX has fan for mac se. IPX 34-16 is 60mm fan.

I got this from this website. They also recommend a Delta AFB0612EHABF00 or notchua NF-A6X25.

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Joined: 2017 Nov 9

Thanks so much, just order a SilenX...

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Lovely! I'm also looking forward to exchange the stock fan in my SE, though undecided on which fan to pick. Please let us know your experience, Brad.