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Ren'py On PPC.

Hey guys! I just wanted to spread the word about Ren'py's compatibility with our good ole PPC architecture up until the 6.14.1 release from mid-2012. Early Ren'py version (6.3.1) can also run on 10.3.X.

For those who don't know what Ren'py is, here's a nice explanation: "Ren'Py is a free and cross platform engine for digital storytelling. It makes it easy to combine words, images, and sounds to create visual novels and life simulation games.

Visual novels are computer-based stories that are told through words, images, sounds, and music. Many visual novels also present the player with menu choices that allow the player to control how the story is told.

Ren'Py's script language makes it easy to write visual novels, and other writing-heavy games. It's easy to learn, and scales well to the largest projects. Even without customization, Ren'Py provides the features players have come to expect from their visual novels.

Life Simulation games, such as management and dating sims, are more interactive games that mix story with gameplay. Ren'Py's screen language allows one to create complex interfaces, while its support for the Python scripting language allows for complex game logic, if that's what your project requires." -from the "Why Ren'py" page,

Last PPC release:

It's a great software, very easy to use with its Python commands and such, and even I, who don't program, have made a few small games on my iBook a few years back. You can do pretty much everything on a PPC machine as long as it's no fancy effects.

I just wanted to make this thread because I never had heard about people using Ren'py on PPC other than myself.

See ya. Antonin.

P-S: Maybe a copy of the PPC binaries should be preserved onto Macgarden? I don't know just asking ahah


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From my point of view you may create a page for RenPy if you wish, as the licence does not tell otherwise.
Maybe you could even add the files you created in the past?

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Yeah I think I'll do this either tonight or in a couple of days. As for my games, they're kinda embarrassing (being inside jokes of an High-school student) and contains images of real people so I'm not going to upload those aha.

EDIT: Macgarden page done, it just lacks ALL the other versions than 6.3.1 & 6.14:

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nice addition! ooof - making me feel old though... renpy has been around for 15 years?!

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Almost as old as some of us! At least some of the newcomers haha

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Most of Ren'Py is licensed under the MIT license:

I think it's fine to post it here.

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Ah good, this page is titled PPC and that's me. Tiger OS on PPC is my realm.

I've been trying as many games as possible, starting with the oldest from 2005, and find that many from 2005 cannot work. It doesn't matter much. A lot from 2005 were not made with the Mac in mind (PC and/or Linux only) and tho I can launch later games intended for PC/Linux only, the '05 pre-Mac era doesn't fare well on Mac. Fortunately a number of the '05 games were updated in later years and their higher versions do play.

I'm hoping to simply have two launcher apps and strip away all the built in apps from the games I decide to keep in my active storage. This will save a lot of space, reduce app clutter, and add consistency in how they all behave. I'm getting the majority of games made 2006-2010 to work and am still busy testing years 2010-2011. After that, no newer games seem to work as if it needs an internet connection (I'm unwilling) or an Intel (maybe later maybe never). Nonetheless, there are a few hundred games in the 2006-2011 range so as to really experience what Ren'Py is about, using Tiger PPC.

My method has been to play using the app version 6.10.1 (the highest 6.10) which is a Universal Binary and a high enough version to have most of the kinks worked out. This runs nearly everything made 2006-2010 and then for the newer 2011ish games which complain they can't launch, I switch to a higher version of the Ren'Py app.

Now this is important. Ren'Py v6.11-6.12.n do launch and begin playing most older games but only after closer examination might we find that some games will crash routinely in specific places therein. So it's important to try using v6.10.1 first and only bump up the app version if and only if the game requires the 6.11 or higher. This incompatibility is within the Python itself, where Ren v6.10.1 is built over Python 2.5 and Ren v6.11.0 begins being built on Python 2.6

Unfortunately I experience unexpected quits once in a while, but never able to reproduce them in specific points of any game. It's minor and infrequent and I'm not sure if they're bugs in Ren'Py or bugs in individual games or directly related to me using v6.10.1 rather than the older version of app each game was initially built for. I have a suspicion the tendency to fail is greater whenever I use my mouse scrollwheel to rewind moves, but it remains a minor occurrence.

Things get dicier with the year 2010-2012 games that require 6.11.0 or higher. I've found some games incompatible, in both directions, among just 6.12.0 and 6.12.1 made worse by the author of Ren'Py failed to update the app version number from 6.12.0 to 6.12.1 - but then I've also discovered a promising work around to this already, and hope I will avoid needing three or more apps to play my range of games.

So I'm still testing, ya know several hours can be spent on one game... I'll remark more when I've learned more...

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I downloaded a few Ren'py games that I want to try once I get a chance. It looks super fun and I'll probably even play around with it to make some games myself eventually! Smile