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Registering Realmz or just getting it to work [SOLVED]

***EDIT - I just installed OS9 and now it's working fine. Sucks that it won't work on OS8.

I am trying to get Realmz to work on both Basilisk II version and SheepShaver V2.3. I am using the Windows version of both. I have MAC OS 8.1 installed.

On Basilisk II and SheepShaver, I am unable to register Realmz by changing the serial number by using 410 then the serial number that I want to register to. The serial number randomly changes each time.

On Basilisk II, after I try to change the serial number the game exits/crashes and I get the following error "The application "Realmz 8.0.7" has unexpectedly quit, because an error of type 25 occurred." If I try to click "Not Yet" I can get pass the registration. Then when I start a new game and try to add a character the game crashes and I get the same error message.

On SheepShaver I am able to change the serial number and the game exits like it's suppose to. When I try to reopen the game I get the error "Sorry, a system error occured. "Realmz 8.0.7" error type 10". I have to restart the emulator. If I click "Not yet" I get the message "Please register this copy of Realmz". Then SheepShaver crashes with it being unresponsive.

Ah, any ideas on what I should do to get this amazing game to work again?


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I'm writing this for anyone who stumble on this issue since it took me quite some time to figure out why it wasn't working.

You might run into this problem regardless of system and emulator version, to solve this you need to make sure your disk image is writeable (not locked), since Realmz apparently stores registration info on the system disk it also has to be unlocked.

(So consider duplicating your system disk image if you don't want to modify it and unlock the one you're using in the emulator. Do note that you might have to lock the image first time you start sheepshaver to get it to work, but after you can unlock it and still be golden.)