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RedShift 1.2 (MF52)

Hi, I'm considering putting up "RedShift" version 1.2 (a multimedia astromony program) - Maris no longer has it for sale so it should be OK to, tho' they do go back as far as version 2 in a back catalog still for sale.

The copy I have is sourced from the MacFormat giveaway CD edition MF52 July 1997, it wouldn't surprise me if bertyboy and Protocol 7 also have this version Wink

However, the MF copy was mastered incorrectly I think. Because their giveaway also contains all of the files required for running it on Windows, but the format of the CD is HFS and no way will this mount on Windows natively.

OK, so it runs on Mac OS fine, but it would be nice I think if it could run under Windows too, as it was intended.

I've re-mastered the giveaway edition in Toast as ISO-9660 allowing for Macintosh long file names and gobsmacked - it now actually runs perfectly under both platforms. I avoided using Joliet with this as the original CD predates Windows 95 by at least a year. Also, it wasn't a custom hybrid either because both the Windows and Mac executables need to share the same data (approx 600 MBs). Anyway, how I've done it makes it compatible with both Mac 7.0 to 9.22 and Windows 3.1 to XP (runs fine in XP sp3 - I don't have a newer Win OS to test it on).

Now, if anyone has the original Maris version 1.2 release of RedShift please consider placing it up, or at least can confirm that it too has both Windows and Mac support. I'll get around to putting up my MacFormat hack shortly, otherwise.


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Your attempts about "rescueing" the PC readability are very appreciated. Smile

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@IIGS_User: Thanks.
@xy: Yes it is still "a lot of fun" despite its 1993 vintage. I'll be making a page for it soon.

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is an interesting review of RedShift 3.0; it says in its conclusion that earier versions of RedShift like 1.2 here were more fun that the 3.0 version.