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Recommended Photo Library Management for OS 9?

Does anyone among us know of or use a photo library management tool that is absolutely native (no OS X) to Mac OS 9? iPhoto didn't exist yet, and I'm not having much luck finding anything that can organize photos whatsoever, let alone a large and well organized library.
Thank you.


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Apple once had PhotoFlash for QuickTake cameras, which did support PowerPC Macs in its last iterations.

You might have to do some conversion to get your photos into a format that old Mac photo image management software can work with. I don't think you'll need something as fancy as Debabelizer, but do keep in mind that QuickDraw PICT/PICT2 was the standard for uncompressed images back then, and JPEG/TIFF were the more portable standards serving different needs. JPEG for compressed graphics over a network, TIFF for trying and failing to easily standardize what various scanners and imaging programs were generating.

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Maybe one of the iView series of applications..? If I remember correctly, the later applications in the series run on both Mac OS 9 and X.

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Kodak Easyshare? Picasa?

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a photo library management tool that is absolutely native (no OS X) to Mac OS 9?

Extensis Fetch was rebranded as Portfolio - we have Extensis Portfolio 4 and Extensis Portfolio Desktop 5.
There is also Extensis Portfolio Desktop 5, PortWeb 5 & Portfolio Server 5, on the Extensis Products 1998 CD.

Presumably the later version 5's would suit OS 9 systems the best.

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I have to admit... back then I just used Graphic Converter by Thorsten Lemke. Any extra management I've done is in the Finder.

And with that said...