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Reckless Drivin' 1.2a

So, I've been messing around with the Mac OS X Public Beta in Qemu and I've been trying to find Reckless Drivin' 1.2a. That was the last version to support the Public Beta. I know that there's already a page here but, the earliest version is 1.44.

Information about the 1.2a version can be found on Info-Mac Digest V18 #12.:


Date: 20 Jan 2001
From: jonas echterhoff
Subject: [*] RecklessDrivin 1.2a

Reckless Drivin' is a new action game for the Mac. It's gameplay is
similar to it's predecessor, Burning Rubber, a Mac shareware game I
released in 1996. In Burning Rubber one had to drive a car through
2-dimensional levels as fast as possible, leaving as much destruction
as possible on the way.
Reckless Drivin' follows the same basic principle, however, it has
been completely rewritten from scratch, and it employs a new graphics
engine featuring smooth, dynamically zoomed, scrolling 16-bit
graphics. The physics simulation has been redesigned to realistically
resemble skidding and tire tracks on different road surfaces.

To learn how to play the game, click on the 'Help' button in the
Reckless Drivin' main menu, or just start a new game, and see for

New in version 1.2a (1/18/2001)
-Fixed the -30561 error many people had with v1.2.


-A Power Macintosh or compatible. 100Mhz or more is recommended for
smooth gameplay. To play the game at it's optimal settings, you
should have an iMac or better.
-CarbonLib is now required to run the game. It comes pre-installed
into newer systems. If you have an older system, you can download it
from the Reckless Drivin' Homepage:
-DrawSprocket and InputSprocket are highly recommended (though no
longer required for MacOS X compatibility). These are parts of the
Apple GameSprockets. If you do not have them installed on your
computer, you can download them from the Reckless Drivin' Homepage:
-MacOS 8.1 is required for the game to run.
-Sound Manager 3.6 or higher is recommended for best sound quality
and performance.
-12 MB of free memory. If you play with the 'Use Thousands of Colors'
setting disabled, you may try lowering the applications memory
partition size to something around 8 MB.

[Archived as /info-mac/game/reckless-drivin-12a.hqx; 7539 K]


The only actual link I could find is this but, not even the Internet Archive has a copy of it. I did manage to find a copy of 1.3 on the Info-Mac archive but, that requires 10.0.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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According to the MacFormat disk catalogue:

  • Reckless Driving 1.2a is on disk no. 102,
  • Reckless Driving 1.3 is on disk no. 105,
  • Reckless Driving 1.31 is on disk no. 116.

I'll dig through my unorganised pile of disks at the weekend to to see if I have those files to upload, if nobody else finds them before then.

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Awesome! Thank you! I really appreciate it Laughing out loud I didn't even think to check for a MacFormat disk catalog. I only checked the one.

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I've added version 1.2a from the Macformat 102 cover CD to the Reckless Drivin' page. The ReadMe says it is for MacOS 8.1 with CarbonLib. It crashed with an error when I tried it in MacOS 9 (under Sheepshaver), but I haven't tried it with any other MacOS version.

Not sure if it's worth uploading the other two versions (1.3 and 1.31) if I have them - I haven't found the disks yet, but I stopped when I found this #102.

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Thank you for finding it and uploading it! I really appreciate it! I got it running on the Public Beta
Thanks again for your help!