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Realmz's New Centurions registration code

Does anyone happen to have a reg code for this scenario? As far as I've seen there's no other way to get it registered, since the author seems to have vanished from the internet long time ago (not to mention that the order form in Realmz's site doesn't work anymore - actually, last time I checked, neither did the website itself).

Also, has anyone figured out whether it's still possible to register the last chapters of the Sword Lands trilogy? Psion's site is still around, but I've tried to contact him some time ago and got no reply...


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InsanityForce got a reply last year:

I contacted Pierre Vachon, author of the Swords Lands Trilogy, and he couldn't help me (he is not allowed -and does not have the tools to- send the registration codes for his own scenarios because they are now "official" fantasoft scenarios)... At least I know he's alive.
Unfortenately, the guy who's supposed to take care of what's left of Fantasoft, Skip Meier, never answered me.

Nothing on New Centurions codes either, sorry. Sad

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Gosh, that's disappointing... especially because looking at the walkthrough the 2nd chapter sounded absolutely amazing, with all those instances of choices and consequences. Copyright issues aside, not being able to sell one's own scenarios is ludicrous to say the least (not that I'm blaming Vachon for this).

Well, thank you anyway for the reply.

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That's what he told me when I asked him... He answered in french because he noticed that my e-mail adress was french.

Bonjour (my real name here);

Malheureusement, il m'est impossible d'accepter paiement pour, et/ou émettre, des codes d'enregistrement pour les scénarios officiels de Realmz (ce qui inclue ceux de ma Sword Lands trilogy). Je ne travaille pas pour Fantasoft et, conséquemment, je n'ai pas le droit (ou les utilitaires) pour accepter paiments et donner des codes d'enregistrement.

Les seuls scénarios pour lesquels je peux faire cela sont ceux de type "3rd party" et dont je suis l'auteur - comme par exemple Dead of Night et Dragon of Death.

As-tu contacté directement Skip Meier? C'est lui qui s'occupe de ces choses pour Fantasoft (son courriel est sur la page frontispice de Fantasoft).

Désolé que je ne puisse faire quoique ce soit pour ton problème;


Yeah, that sucks.

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Did you happen to get a reply from Meier? I tried to contact him for New Centurions some time ago with no luck.

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Never have...

Oh, and I just discovered that DigiEx, which hosted my Divinity disc, has deleted my Realmz download page, along many others... I just asked the webmasters why.

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Well, here are versions of the Sword Lands trilogy that have have been modified to NOT require registration:

I have had a look at New Centurions, and MAY have made the scenario fully playable, but I am not sure.
Just in case something doesn't work, I have included the unmodified Data DD as well.
As far as a registration code goes, I have not been able to find any. Not even Serial Box has one.

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I officially *love you* from now on. Tongue

Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the effort! However, it's not completely hacked, you will get problems in the later stages of the game. In TiSL, you will get problems when you get to the Khanark Rockies (the mountains north), and although you'll manage to get a while by saving and restarting each time it pops up, you will get stuck when entering the dwarf area.

In WiSL, you will be able to complete the start and most or everything in the Heartlands, but you will not be able to enter the Western Lands (at least you will not be able to enter the Western Pass ("cave" to the far North-West of the main area, X:2Y:1, NW of Aranys)

I haven't tried WotML yet.