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Reaching out to see if I could obtain help/advice creating CD images for Rosetta Stone

After years of hunting for a specific language module for Rosetta Stone (as well as a version of RS compatible with OS9), this week I stumbled across the motherload. I found a collection containing RS 2.0.7 for OS9 (Verified working with a Dansk ISO I've been sitting on for months), versions and 2.1.3A (presumably for Windows, but they may support OS X as well) and about 40 separate modules - every one RS ever produced for V1/V2 except:

- English US Level 3
- Farsi(Persian) Level I
- Hebrew Level I
- Pashto Level I
- Spanish(Latin) Level 3

My problem is that the modules are sorted into regular folders with corresponding image folders, and CD images have to be built using a process that appears simple but that I can't get right. I managed to build my first one, Arabic I, by adding folders one at a time into Toast, and upon mounting and testing it worked. It was painful however, because I added each file/folder one at a time using the "Add" function in Toast several hundred times on a TiBook touchpad... My thumb hasn't hurt this bad since I was gaming exclusively on an NES.

I have tried to drag-and-drop groups of files and folders into Toast, but the resulting images when mounted are still not recognized by Rosetta Stone. I've attempted it this way about half a dozen times now, as carefully as possible, but it hasn't worked a single time. Because the structure of these builds revolves around the same application files that worked in the Arabic I build, I'm 100% positive that the issue is user error on my part. There shouldn't be anything wrong with these files.

Does anyone have any ideas? Do I have to build these files the slow and painful way in order to make them work? Is there anyone who would be interested in taking these files and attempting to build CD images themselves?


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To build language specific CD modules in Toast, you should create an ISO 9660 image file from the selected folders for that language, plus any accompanying Picture/Mov files, plus the files named CATMPC.TRS, CDID.TRS and Credits.TRS.

Using French for example, to build the French Level I disc:
(Assuming using Toast 5.x on Mac OS 9.x)

  1. Start Toast and click the right-most button and choose ISO 9660 as the output.
  2. Click "Select..." and add files to this window:
  3. Select folders FRA01_01 to FRA08_12 and drag/drop them into the Toast window (92 folders)
  4. Select folders PC201_01 to PC202_11 - drag/drop them into the Toast window (22 folders)
  5. Select folders PCT01_01 to PCT02_11 - drag/drop them into the Toast window (22 folders)
  6. Select files CATMPC.TRS, CDID.TRS and Credits.TRS and drop them into the Toast Window.
  7. Click "Settings" and choose CD ROM and MS-DOS+Windows and allow Macintosh names.
  8. Give the image file the name; TRS French Level I
  9. In Toast, choose to save the build as a disc image.
  10. Save the image.
  11. Lock the image before mounting to test, using Toast or Virtual CD Utility.

All anyone needs to have this run, is to use the Rosetta Stone install disc (the top DL on the Rosetta Stone Chinese page, here at the MG). This installs RS which runs any language module, for Mac OS 8/9, X and Windows. There's no need to include RS on a language disc.

But instead of creating language specific discs of individual languages and level discs. It may be easier to create DVD sized images holding several language groups and levels.

A good example of this is the Rosetta Stone Europe disc, here at the MG. This is also where I sourced and adapted for the French L1 disc only, the CATMPC.TRS, CDID.TRS and Credits.TRS files to add to my test build of the French Level 1 example, above. These files are in plain text, which you can view in BBEdit Lite or any plain text editor. These must be included in any language build you make.

[Edit] I'd 1st worked this out using Toast 7 on OS X, but needed to make changes allowing for Toast 5 on OS 9, those changes have been amended into the above post.

Folders PCT01_01 to PCT02_11 are not necessary for this version of TRS. They are there for backwards compatibility should someone be using an earlier (than 1998) version of TRS. Including them is optional.

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Did some more testing, followed your instructions, and no luck. Tried some previously confirmed modules, like the Chinese hosted here and my Danish sampler - no luck. Seems my problem is the RS application I have installed. Version 2.0.5a (found in a random torrent) was working originally, but the uninstall instructions in the readme ("drag and drop the application folder to the trash") didn't actually clean it all off the system. So my attempted 2.0.7 installation did not work, and has somehow managed to undermine my attempts to roll back to 2.0.5a.

Alternatively, I guess it's possible that the uninstall worked fine but 2.0.7 is what gummed everything up. I'm more or less out of time to work on this until the summer, but 2.0.7 definitely needs to be tested on a system that doesn't already have 2.0.5a on it. To be continued.

Thanks for the help MikeTomTom.

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the uninstall instructions in the readme ("drag and drop the application folder to the trash") didn't actually clean it all off the system.

The only external file on OS 9x for TRS that I can see, is the Preferences file "TRS AutoPlay Prefs", unless there are some other (hidden) Prefs belonging to it. So dragging the folder to the Trash should be OK. Maybe your 2.0.7 install was in error.

Version numbers are suspect here, too. For example the Europe disk contains in the DVD (and separate for DL) "MAC_The_Rosetta_Stone_2.0.8.1A.dmg" for Mac OS X only. It's been pre-installed. But it isn't version at all. It's actually version 2.0.5a - exactly the same as the installer copy on the original install set of the 1st disc found on the TRS Chinese page.

The 2.0.5a install set on the TRS Chinese page is the one to use for any of the Rosetta Stone language modules we have here. It installs cleanly to an intended platform, Mac/OS X/Win.

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I had also uncovered the TRS AutoPlay Prefs file. It's presence or absence didn't make a difference -- after attempting to install 2.0.7, I wasn't able to remove RS and get 2.0.5a from here at MG nor my torrent 2.0.5a working. All three versions can boot but don't see language modules -- there is an invisible yet clickable item where the module should appear. Clicking on it throws an error related to Macromedia Director that I can't recall off the top of my head. My thought was perhaps that one of the installers (or perhaps user error on my part in terms of removing my original working installation) mangled Quicktime/Shockwave/etc. extensions in some way. I'm a tad beyond by depth, and the computer had to be put away while I focus on more pressing responsibilities, so it is what it is.

Absent a change log describing some value to version 2.0.7 (which is in fact 2.0.7 according to the software itself), I agree that we should direct everyone towards the version of RS currently hosted here. I can keep testing this summer maybe, but aside from archival purposes 2.0.7 seems unnecessary for use. Especially because, if I'm remembering correctly, 2.0.5a is compatible with OS 8.1/8.5/8.6, making it more flexible than the OS 9+ RS 2.0.7.