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Re-rip of World of Xeen CD

Is there a way that someone could re-rip the "World of Xeen" CD?
The version currently hosted on Macintosh Garden and elsewhere does not include a hidden folder in the main directory -- which should be called something like "industrial". It should contain music files.
Or alternatively, if someone has this disk and could acquire for me just the music files from that hidden folder, that would be good enough. (I hate to take advantage of anyone's time, and I would like to make this a priority. Therefore, I am willing to give a small monetary donation to the person who fulfills this request if they have PP.)

Thank you,


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So I was finally able to find someone who had the original disc. They made an ISO directly from the media and there is no hidden industrial music folder or anything of the sort. So, either a different release of the game has this folder, or the information is false.

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Here are two contemporary mentions of the folder, as well as a more recent comment from the author of the port.

David Molnar,, 1995:

Good music and sound effects

Yes, especially the speech. But why are they stored in the clear
on the CD? It's too much of a temptation to just break out SoundApp and
start browsing through the voices. <g>

The hidden 'Industrial World of Xeen' folder is a nice touch. Wink

Illuminatus Primus,, 1995:

Worlds of Xeen Hidden Sound Files!

Yup, they exist on the CD. Invis-ed folder right at the root of the CD. It's called "The Industrial World of Xeen", and contains 6 separate HUGE sound files.

However, they suck. I'm under the impression that they're supposed to be "industrial" re-mixes of some of the themes, but apparently Presage's (or whoever is responsible, they're standard Mac SND files...) idea of industrial is to hook the themes up to a static generator. At first I thought I was having sound problems, but after playing a few, I came to the conclusion that they were done so badly that it's almost not worth listening to them. Make your own choices.

To get to them: It's a little bit more involved than normal, because you can't de-invis the folder normally as it's a CD. My suggestion is to use ResEdit or some sound program that can see invis folders. SoundEdit Pro does it great. The average size is like 4MB per sound. Enjoy...sort of.

Dhar,, 2011:

I'm the developer for the Mac version of World of Xeen. [...] The original DOS music was MIDI music played through the horrible MIDI software synths available at the time. MIDI wasn't a big thing on the Mac, so Presage's audio guys played the Xeen MIDI files through a real MIDI synth and captured the output. The Mac Xeen music is actually large streamed SND files. It's not just your imagination that it sounds actually IS better. BTW, some of the files converted incorrectly but were included as invisible easter egg files on the original CD, if you still have it...

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So are you sure it applies for the Mac version, and not the DOS version (which would be on a hidden partition)? The original DOS version released with Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen and Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen, which were combined into World of Xeen if installed on the same drive. I'm not sure if the Mac got the individual M&M games.

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Yes, it doesn't apply to the DOS version.Dhar, which is Gary Arnold, did the Macintosh conversion. All of the midi files from the PC were converted into AIFF files for the MAC version. The industrial remixes are apparently some sort of conversion error(?) from midi to AIFF. I suppose that it's also possible that more than one version of the game was released and both the Mac Garden and the one this person made an ISO from did not have it. But I will provide this information to see if they can figure anything else out. Does anyone here have the original Mac version at all on physical media?

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I don't think the folder's on the version that this person has that I tried to contact. There must be more than one version of World of Xeen for Macintosh. The version on Macintosh Garaden and the one this person has do not have that folder. And there are other hidden folders on the disc related to the ending game movies which we used a program to view, and no Industrial folder comes up. I also made an ISO of the disc using two programs and two different ISO types. That information simply does not exist in the data when I use a hex editor.