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Rayman os 7 port

So I heard the first rayman was ported to mac os and I was wondering of possible to upload it. Thatd be awesome! Thanks and regards,


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I've had a look around and can't find any mention of this, so it probably didn't happen. Best guess is your source was either wrong or referring to emulating the game on modern Macs

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It seems very unlikely indeed.

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I am unaware of any such ports, if anything it may be a fan-rewrite or something along those lines, Rayman was released for MS-Dos afaik, and you'd be able to run it through either DOSBox or a PC emulator, how well the latter would perform on earlier systems I'll leave to the experts.

There have been official ports however, though non for System 7

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Looks like a hoax, however Rayman 3 did get a Mac port.