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RAM SDIMM / Random crashes & address error

I have several apps or games (which I would consider RAM consumers) which crashes in some fancy ways the whole machine in a proper concerto for buzzer in C-minor & screen frozen in mess.

The same apps / games would operate fine in emulators, which leads me to think of a hardware issue.

How often is this that we can consider RAM to be damaged, is this a common problem with 85's machines ?


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I don´t recall a dead PS2 or earlier RAM brick.
Maybe the over the moon prices did stand for quality those days?
I had bad DDR3 RAMs the other day though.
For vintage Macs the first usual suspects will be worn out ELCOs.
If your SE still has its original capacitors, it may be worth thinking about replacing them.

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there are plenty capacitors on the motherboard (is that what an elco is ? sorry french here xD) maybe some capacitors near memory management banks should be replaced, i believe unsoldering/resoldering would do the trick, challenge is to find the proper replacement components lol

Also, dunno if related, but on switching on the computer, it won't "start" until I "punch" a bit on the left of its case. Like.. erm.. like an old car which needs a kick to accept starting xD I wasn't able to identify any "moving part" in the power supply which could be culprit though..

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If it requires "punching", then the whole machine should be investigated. I'd stop using it for now to prevent further damage.

From my little hardware knowledge, capacitors are the number one thing to replace in computer models from decades past. Never soldered myself, but it should be easy to replace the capacitors with new ones that way, be they near RAM or not.

In any case, your problem is not common nor should it happen. Make sure your machine gets properly inspected.

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After a review of the motherboard it seems this logic board has "already" been "recaped" (recaped = re-capacitored as I understood), this is easy to figure as the capacitors are brand new.

However... I understand the motherboard has been fixed due to a previous leakage of the lithium battery which corroded a large part of it, after inspection, it seems that it's quite okay except for 1 capacitor, mister C10 which is so much corroded that one of its legs is cut.

I will definitely start by replacing this one ! It seems so small, so unsignificant xD but.. it could be my random-problem xD