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QuickTime 2.5 versus 3.0

Which is better for use in an (emulated) 68K environment? Certainly 2.5 is a bit smaller, but 3.0 does include some new codecs and a more complete set of sounds for the software MIDI playback? Given that I don't plan to be using any Quicktime features beyond those used by games, which is better?


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Well, long time ago,
I thought exactly the same and I upgraded it (Under SheepShaver OS 9)
and what it did, it totally screwed up my Hi-Res graphics
and still I have not been able to fix it,
I can play games and most apps but When I upload a photo on ANY program
it looks like in much less resolution..or something but they look bad,
(I will upload a photo to show what it did, because it's hard to explain)

So I reinstalled QuickTime and Still no good results,
and I just lost the will to fix it,
(that's why I've never posted a question or ask for help about it)
since I only use SheepShaver once in a while
to play a few games,

..just wanted to share my experience about upgrading QuickTime

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Just remove/delete all the files dedicated to the newer version recently installed, then re-boot before re-installing the older version. Wink

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I think I did that before, but it didn't work,
I'll try that again with more care.