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Joined: 2010 Mar 10
Program to check system uptime / boot time on OS 9?

Hi all,

Anyone know an app for OS 9 that will show the uptime since the computer booted? My iMac G3 server has been running for MONTHS and I'm curious to know exactly just how long.

Back in the day when I ran a hotline server I used to launch an app that told the uptime, but I 100% forget what the program was.

If anyone can remember an app that says the time since system boot I'd appreciate it!! Thanks for your time.


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Joined: 2010 Mar 10

Actually, I found out a pretty cool solution. I just checked the creation date of the latest KDX server log (which is still open and being appended to as it's the most recent launch of the KDX server).

Date created: June 23, 2010 , 4:00 AM.
Pretty insane! Right now it's April 26th, 2011, 11:00 PM. I'm too lazy to calculate the exact days, but that's just over 10 months of uptime!!!! Pretty badass! Smile

K just calculated on some website, 307 days. Niiiice. I'll have to have some kind of celebration of sorts when it hits 1 year..... haha

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You're probably looking for Mac Uptime PPC. I've got it running on my PowerMac 9500 web server, buuto, and even whipped up some AppleScript & AJAX to inject the uptime into the webpage every minute.

For better or worse, I'm using AppleShare IP (primarily for the AFP server) so it's not particularly stable and I have my Rebound! reboot it once a day. 307 days uptime for an OS 9 machine is very impressive.

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@morgant: Mac Uptime PPC

There is even a 68k version there for DL. - Nice. Thanks for posting the link.

Erm, interesting note on the DL page: "Warning: This file may contain malicious code, by executing it your system may be compromised."

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Good shout, that "Mac Uptime PPC" looks like the one I used many years ago on my iMac. I knew there was something, but I had no idea what it might be called.

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Thanks morgant. That's not the app I used years ago, but it does the same job so I'm happy. haha Smile The one I had used had a more Mac-like appearance (wasn't just a "text field") and had a handful of other system info or such. I feel like it was just some kind of general "handy tools" kind of app. Pretty sure it was free or else shareware. Ah well,I don't care if I don't find the same app - just wanted to find the uptime!! heheh

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Hahaha, Hotline...those were good times.

Thanks for that link. I was looking for something like this too.

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I think this could really be useful as it would take note of some statistics you could later view for your mac. Thank you for sharing the link and I have already downloaded it.

There are also some settings you could check in order to personalize your log. Very nice indeed.