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Problem with Mac USB gamepad

I have an old "InterAct gamepad Hammehead Digital SV-239" with USB support, compatible with PC and Mac. In the user's manual you can read that the gamepad works under Mac OS 8.6 and up. I want to use the gamepad in my G4 with Mac OS 9.2.1.

Already installed the official driver included inside the CD-ROM but the Mac don't recognize the gamepad.

When I check "Version Information" screen, it says that I'm using Mac OS 8.5 or earlier and need to update to Mac OS 8.6 or later. (...)

I think I need an updated driver to make it work under Mac OS 9.2.1 but I can not find any on the web; only drivers for PC Windows 9X.

Of course, the official "InterAct" webpage no longer exist so I can not download the drivers from anywhere.


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If the driver doesn't know that OS 9 exists you're probably going to have to install an 8.5, 8.6 partition to get it to work.