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Powermac 6100..... not so good without the sonnet nubus g3 card

I have a mac performa 6116 with sonnet nubus g3 at 500 mhz installed. The reason i bought the sonnet nubus is because some games are slow on this machine like Gabriel Knight. These days i tried more games without using sonnet nubus card. There are several games that are slow like Monkey Island 1 & 2, Fate of Atlantis floppy version, King's Quest 7, Police Quest 4, Versailles 1685, Hexen, Doom with high detail graphics etc etc. I don't know what to say. Is it better to have a Quadra with motorola 68040 than an early ppc machine? I don't like my performa without the sonnet g3. This card is the best thing that i have bought for my performa 6116.


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I don't think there was a great difference performance wise between top-end '040 machines and the early PPC models.

The only advantage of having a 68k Mac at the time of the PPC introduction I guess, was that it ran non-FAT 68k software native, whereas the PPC emulates the 68k code. If the 68k software required an FPU then it was an obvious advantage running it in a 68k box with a full FPU '040.

I also had an Apple 601 PPC upgrade card for Quadra Macs. It allowed dual-booting to either the 68k or PPC CPU and it allowed me to run progs that were PPC coded only. But there wasn't any noticeable performance boost with this card, as far as I could tell.

It would be nice to try that G3 nubus card of yours tho' Smile
I have a Sonnet G4 in a beige G3 box at the moment. Its OK, but it seems optimized for Mac OS 9.0.4 and if I go either way in the OS versions it tends to get unstable, so I leave it at 9.0.4