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PowerBook 540c - Hardware

Anyone know of a place or way that I might find hardware for the PowerBook 540c? Specifically, one of the upgrade chips, the PCMCIA module; things like that. I found a site geared towards it ( but most of the pertinent stuff is out of stock.


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Try outside the internet. In many cities are Macintosh user groups whose members know hidden vendors of very ancient Mac hardware. These vendors most of the time are not to be found online. Also, sometimes the staff of licensed Apple stores knows such vendors. Many of those vendors also repair old Macs. So you might look for Macintosh repair shops, they often also sell old stuff or know where to find vendors of old stuff.

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Another consideration is to check for things like the Low End Mac Swap List ( It has been very helpful for me getting my SE/30 & Powerbook 3400 back up and running.