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Power Macintosh 8500 Users!

Do you have a Power Macintosh 8500?
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So now I'm asking for the PM 8500 users...
-Do you have already 2MB or 4MB of Vram installed into your computer? Yes - With how many did you bought it?
-Have you ever recorded something at 640x480? Yes - How was it?
-Is all PM 8500 shipped with 2 or 4 mb of vram, so there is no, 1 mb version?

Thank you for answering to my question / Greetings: Tristan Smile
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According to MacTracker, the PowerMac 8500 shipped with 2MB VRAM upgradeable to 4MB, so there is no 1MB version (unless perhaps bought from some dodgey second-hand seller).

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I do have one. It has the standard 2MB VRAM, I Have it connected to an AppleColor 13" which is fixed at 640x480 resolution, it was the monitor from my IIsi. The machine basically sucks at reproducing video at full screen (640x480) and millions of colors, i imagine the performance when capturing must be the same. It came with Avid videoshop 3.0, but i never recorded video bigger than 320x240, in fact, i don't remember if it had the option to record at such resolution(640x480). 320x240 was a good size at the time. My first real video capture mac was a powerbook wallstreet with a capsure card.

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I've got a beige PowerMac G3 that shipped with the AV card (and strangely no bundled video software!). I used to capture some TV show opening sequences, but only at 320x240 otherwise it took too long to render out to the final Quicktime movie. Unfortunately after upgrading to OS 9 the VideoShop software I had no longer worked properly and the video and sound capturing would get out of sync. It doesn't work at all under OS X and I haven't tried any other video capture software with it.

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I have also a beige PowerMac G3 with the AV card, but i have a problem with the software.
I use strata videoshop 3 but the software won't detect my AV card, so recording won't work.

It runs under Mac OS 8.1

But on mine Power Mac 7600/132 witch has also a AV card it works great but 132 MHz is a little bit to slow so now i'm trying to get it working on my G3.

Does anybody know if there is any other software that will work? I have no idea what they are using in the day that the Macintosh was new.

I will use it for editing from a VHS recorder.

(and i'm from Holland so hopefully my english is not to bad)

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I was using Videoshop 3.0 to start with, but later got 4.5.1. Both worked until the OS was upgraded (or possibly it was the added second hard drive). It's been a few years since I've used it.