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Please help me find the name of a Space flight simulator (sort of)

Hi...I'm tearing my hair out (or what's left of it), trying to find the name of a older game. It's like a flight simulator but it involves around a space station, which you have to dock into one of it's bay's. As you're doing so you game voice guidance (like rotate left, right..etc). Then reload and venture out again, trying to destroy another ship or cylinder shaped vessel. And if memory service me right, you have to shoot a total of 5 nukes into the center of it to blow it up and win.

Thanks in advance for any info that might jog my memory! Thanks! Robert


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More info would be good:
1. How old is «older»? 2000s, late-Nineties? mid-Nineties? early Nineties?
2. When did you play it and was it already old when you played it?
3. On what type of Mac did you play it? G5 iMac? G3 iMac? Performa 475? Mac IIci?

Was it on a Mac that you played it? Most games were neither written for nor ported to the Mac.
It's not Marathon or Descent, is it?