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Plea For The Continuation of My Abandoned Copland Project

This is a request for anyone who can develop for older Macintoshes, please pick up on this project. To fill those of you in who don't know, I was working fairly hard for almost a year to complete the Copland OS; however, because Copland is highly unstable, my computer was prone to crashes. I had a semi-stabile version that I was using regularly for coding, but I must have done something wrong at some point, because I lost everything in the worst crash I've ever had. The HDD was fried. I've never, EVER, seen a crash so bad that it actually ruined the hardware to the point of being unsalvageable. To complete my point, the crash was so bad that I gave up. I simply don't have the time or money to continue this, so I'm asking for one of you, any one of you, to pick this up. I can give some help here or there as to what seems to cause crashes (a missing plugin called "timing" is a major culprit, but without any info on it, I can't help). I genuinely wanted to get this out to you guys, but with what has happened, and what's happening in my personal life, I simply can't. Please PM me if you're interested, so that I can at least have some impact on the project. Thank you, sincerely, Copland Dev. (EX).