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Playstation 3 Controller on a JoyToKey Esque Program on 10.4

I was thinking about going through all of the problems I've had trying to get this to work, but forget it. On a PC with Windows Vista, I managed to get my PS3 controller, simply plugged into a USB port with the cable it came with, to work, then I downloaded JoytToKey to have it work on anything. On a mac, I plug it in, it recognizes it, but none of these JoyToKey like programs seem to work on 10.4, at least not with a Playstation 3 Controller. I've tried GamePadCompanion and USB Overdrive, it simply doesn't recognize buttons, Enjoy doesn't work on 10.4, of course. And no, I am NOT upgrading, the whole reason I use this computer is for Classic Environment and I couldn't imagine emulation. I just need help.