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Play Quest For Glory on a PowerMac 6500/300

I used to play the game Quest For Glory I on my PowerMac 6500/300 (Pre-G3 powermac, 603ev processor, 128mb RAM dual Mac OS 7.6.1/Mac OS 8.6). However, I just tried to get it to work again, and even downloaded the version from this site. The game starts up fine, but keeps crashing when I try to leave town via the front gate, or occasionally when changing scenes in town.
I've increased the memory to 4000, 8000 and even 16000. Virtual memory is off. I'm using Mac OS 7.6.1. I also Have Mac OS 8.6 installed and have the same problem. I have a Mac OS 8.0 CD lying around. I've tried shift-booting.
Can somebody suggest what to do to get the game to work without crashing? I remember playing this back in the early 2000s on the same computer.
My other working systems are Windows computer, a Windows 98SE machine and a Vista computer. It almost sounds like it would be easier to download the DOS version.

Could somebody please be kind enough to post a link to any patches or addons I need to get the game to work, along with setup procedure including suggested memory settings? I'm at my wits end, and this is the very computer I played the game on before hearing of Macintosh Garden.