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Physically ejecting from a dvd drive on a PowerPC Mini

Hi all, I really do appreciate all the great feedback here, if there is a way to contribute to
the site please let me know.

Now I can not eject the disk I have in my dvd drive on my Mac Mini G4. Is the
anyway to get it out physically? Or is there anyway to get it to load from CD on startup,
doesn't seem to want to do that. I was running MophOS on it but reformatted part of
the drive as HFS+. Getting no where,
Thanks you all the help.
Brad Hansen


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Methods 1 and 4 are probably no use if the Mac won't boot. How can I force my Mac Mini to eject a DVD ...

There are a few methods depending on how "stuck" it is:

Method 1: Use Disk Utility to eject The first and simplest method, if you only want to unmount a single volume on the disk, is to use Disk Utility, located in Applications/Utilities. In Disk Utility, simply select the volume you want to unmount and click Eject.

Method 2: Hold Down the mouse button at startup In some cases holding down a connected mouse button at startup will cause a misbehaving optical drive to eject its media.

Method 3: Boot into Open Firmware and eject If you have a Mac that will not startup properly and has a stuck disc, try booting into Open Firmware by holding down Command, Option, O key and F key during startup. After booting into Open Firmware, type the command eject-cd.

Method 4: Using the Terminal. There are two commands that can be used in the Terminal (located in Applications/Utilities) which can be used to force disk ejection:

drutil tray eject

Simply type in the above command and press return.

Last resort method (Danger, Will Robinson!):

Also known as, Ye olde screwdriver method.

Turn the CPU upside down and lay it flat on a desk or table. Use a flat-edged knife or small pry bar to gently and carefully lift the bottom panel off the unit.

Use a small Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the four screws at the corners of the large, flat, shiny metal panel directly below the bottom panel. Lift off the panel to expose the CD drive and remove the CD carefully with your fingers.

Replace the metal panel and its screws, then snap the bottom cover back into place. Reattach all of the cables and boot up the computer.

I don't know about the Mac Mini G4 in particular, but most Macs do have a hidden physical eject button on their floppy and CD/DVD drives. You need a straightened paperclip, which you can then push into the small eject hole ... but the problem is on some Macs that the hole is well hidden behind the drive slot's dust curtain (sometimes the curtain has a small hole in it on the right-hand side), so can be very difficult to find.

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You can try rebooting the Mac while holding the (left) mouse button down when you turn the Mac on. Keep holding the mouse button down as the Mac starts up until the CD/DVD ejects. This usually works for me.

If that fails. This page here has a few more methods/tricks to try.