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Photoshop 1.0's source code is free!

BREAK NEWS!!! The Computer History Museum has just released the source code of Adobe Photoshop v1.0.1. Most of the source code haves no changes (a few comments by the museum), and it's freely available for non-commercial purposes! So c'mon and check it out! Laughing out loud


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I find the comments about the source code, from the IBM engineer, to be harious. He credits the well written code to the developers, not Apple and the Macintosh toolbox. He obviously has never programmed for early Macintosh systems. It was almost impossible to write bad code. Obviously it could be done, but you would not end up with something mac-like or even very usable. I really think people need to give credit to Apple's coding paradigm more often. They got it right first time, whereas IBM and Microsoft have never gotten close.

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@nilObject: +1. And looking at the code, not only is it Mac Toolbox code, it uses MacApp, Apple's major OOP development framework. So the "structure" and the "separation of interface and abstraction" were already ingrained in the project from the start. Apple's 80s software architects really should be credited with making classic Mac programming a thoroughly beautiful experience.

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MacAPP may have been a reasonable framework. But it suffered the same fate as most of the Toolbox. It was dumped by Apple in their relentless search for the perfect planned obsolescence scheme.

The Photoshop brothers could have used many other tools to develop their 1.0 and they probably should have. Adobe ultimately dumped MacAPP for their own flavor of OOP.