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Petition for eBay to FINALLY get an alternative to Paypal...

Since a lot of what we use here is purchased on eBay, it seemed relevant to the group. Have started a petition with Change.Org that eBay needs, after 15 years of promising and failing to deliver, to setup an alternative to Paypal and their fascistic/monopolistic practices.

This becomes even more important now that Paypal is again pushing to keep full-fees on transactions that have been refunded (more info here: )

Anyone interested can sign the petition here:


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Isn't a US government thing? Personally I just responded to eBay refusing to change by refusing to use them. I gave them 2 years from when they first promised to fix things, and I haven't been back there since. I get most of my stuff through Craigslist, Kijiji and Amazon.

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I do the very occasional stop, mostly for mac stuff, rock-bottom priced best buy deals or dirt-cheap items not found or too costly elsewhere.. I know I'm a sucker for feeding them, but I make them my very last resort after everything else online, usually waiting for price reductions on amazon, which I avail myself of their 2% cashback on balance reloads and then amazon smile which gives my favorite charities a kickback on all my orders..

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Yeah I also dropped outta putting up with eBay. The return policy absolute bonkers and entirely depends on the mercy of the buyer regardless if you say that you "accept no returns" on the listing have the buyer pay for shipping. I got screwed over selling a cheap $20 flip phone, not much skin off my nose. BUT.. it taught me a lesson as to what could happen if I started selling my Mac collection.

The buyer complained for a made-up reason and I ended up having to pay to ship the darn thing back and forth. The phone was in tact, but they could have frankly just as easily gotten away with sending back an empty box. eBay is VERY hard to get in touch with if you actually try to do it. Their site relentlessly points you to vague help articles... of which you can click "this article is not helpful" in the feedback section of the bottom of the article to get to a chat window with a service rep. Totally obvious... right?

Regardless, I realized if something happened with one of my Macs, at a best case scenario, I would have to pay like $50-$100 shipping for both ways just to wind up with a potentially broken mac... either from the buyer or the harsh shipping process.

I never was one to buy on eBay, or sell to begin with, but after the incident, I just realized it's just not worth the risk when Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace are really great places to buy/sell inexpensively and easily... or as for buying, frankly just friends/colleagues that get the word out and some chap trying to clean up his basement gives you their mac for free cause it was destined for the trash. But even still, I've found a couple free Macs on Craigslist before too . Depends where you live for sure though, and being a student at a university who is friendly with the IT people has definitely benefited my collection to say the least.

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Given that PayPal owns eBay (not the other way around), I very much doubt they'll drop themselves as primary payment processor, in favor of the competition.