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Pci Card not recognized

Hi, im out of ideas. i have a pci card thats not beeing recognized in any mac i install it. profiler doesnt show anything. its like the card is not in there. i only saw that once with a sonnett card that did the same thing unless i put it in a pc and it worked there. what could be the problem, any ideas or solutions ?

thanks for the help


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Dumb question: Are you sure the card isn't defect? Do you have a PCI bus scanner (like pciscan for Linux)?
PCI cards that work should be auto-recognized during boot, so they must show up during a PCI scan.
But on Operating System level it still takes a driver to utilize the hardware.
That is why I would try a PCI scanner first, to see if the card is actually recognized during boot time..

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Its a orangepc card. To long to fit in a wintel machine. Card is not recognized in profiler. Beyond that im not sure how to scan the pci bus in os9. The sonnet i have does the same thing but it works in a wintel. When i install the sonnet in any mac i have a hard time booting the machine. The orangepc doesnt stop booting so far.

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What computer?
What OS?
What does the PCI card do? USB? Firewire?

It should at least show up in system profiler as being in the slot and powered up even if it needs special drivers (most Orange cards did I believe) to function.

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I am not in any way experienced with OS9, so I don't know if the profiler already has a built-in PCI bus scanner.
If it does and the card isn't showing up, then I would very much think its either defect or just plain incompatible with the machine's hardware.
At least on any Wintel or Linux system, tht would be the diagnosis.
PCI cards are by design "plug-n-play" - so if the card isn't even showing up as "installed" in a PCI bus scan, then I'd say its not functional on any Wintel/Linux machine.

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Beige g3
os 9.2.2
orangepc 660 hardware pc
no indication of any driver besides the app. I found somewhere info about the card beeing updated by the orangepci software. Until i know why the card is not recognized i cant start the up. Im not ready to give up just yet.

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I found this on Low end mac.

Beige G3 has problems with audio with 100 mhz Pentium PC compatibility card.

Hero is document from low end mac

Data on the RAM Disk is lost during a restart, unlike earlier Macs. Apple also notes that the 100 MHz Pentium PC Compatibility card is incompatible, although this seems to be due to an audio cable problem. There are also reports that the G3 will not stay asleep.
Other compatibility issues:
• GeoPort Modem not supported
• QTC and AMC not supported
• Must disconnect LocalTalk if using ethernet
• Needs updated drivers for StyleWriter 4100 & 4500
• Needs new ethernet driver for use on 10/100 autosensing hubs
• LocalTalk printing slow on busy networks
• Apple TokenRing card not supported
Some of these issues were addressed by later versions of the Mac OS.

Does the card recognized in Mac OS X 10.2.8 ?
OrangePci 660 does works in windows. The card need G3 firmware 1.0.2.

here is document on Orange Pci 660

OrangePC 660 is a 12" Pentium Card


Hardware Features
PCI Interface; user RAM expandable up to 256 MB; 3D video accelerator chip; 4 MB video SDRAM
Support for Intel Pentium MMX and classic Pentium 100-233 MHz, Cyrix 6x86MX, 6x86L, 6x86 PR166-233, MII PR266-300, AMD K5, K6, K6-2 166-450 MHz, AMD K6-3 400 MHz
Accelerated board and bus clock speed of 100 MHz for the highest possible processor performance
User upgradable Socket 7 ZIF, jumper selectable CPU/bus multiplier and processor voltage from 2.1 to 3.5 volts
DIMM slot allowing any: 16, 32, 64 or 128 MB Macintosh G3 compatible, 3.3 volt, unbuffered, 64-bit-wide,168 pin, 100 MHz / 10 ns SDRAM, PC100 memory required for 100 MHz bus clock
512K 5 ns synchronous pipelined burst level 2 cache greatly enhances processing speed
Display Graphics
High Performance nVIDIA RIVA 128 2D/3D graphics video accelerator includes 4 MB SDRAM with a 128-bit, 100 MHz memory interface. Maximum resolution 32-bit color up to 1152 x 864 DirectX 3D video support. Maximum resolution 16-bit color up to 1600 x1200 DirectX 3D video support
Female DB-15HD VGA video-out; Male DB-15HD VGA video-in; OrangePC Video Loopback cable connects the Macintosh video-out to the OrangePC video-in port, to facilitate a shared Mac monitor
Sound Support

32 bit Windows 9x Plug and Play driver; Wave, MIDI and DirectX sound emulated through the Macintosh sound hardware
Software Drivers
PC serial/parallel port driver: COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, LPT1, LPT2 and LPT3 can use Mac modem and printer ports under Window 98 and Windows NT.
32 bit Windows 9x Plug and Play SCSI driver automatically detects OrangePC enabled SCSI devices connected to the Macintosh SCSI port, like Zip, Jaz, Syquest drives, Scanners, CD-ROMs, etc. under Window 98 and Windows NT.
32 bit NDIS4 Plug and Play Ethernet driver for Windows 98 and Windows NT
Emulated Joystick Support

Clipboard Exchange allows copy and paste of graphics and text between Macintosh and Windows applications.
Enables OrangePC Windows users to continuously monitor the background system environment like "Picture in Picture" on many TV sets.
Allows both the Macintosh and the PC to share files on any volume mounted on the Macintosh desktop
Package includes

A single 12" x 4.2" PCI based OrangePC 660 card
Your choice of operating system (Windows 98 or Windows NT)
OrangePC Video Loopback cable
2 Macintosh video adapters
Hardware/Software Requirements

Any Power Macintosh with at least one available 12" PCI slot
16 MB of Macintosh RAM (OrangePC application uses less than 1024KB)
300 MB free hard disk Space
System 8.1 or newer, Open Transport 1.3 or newer
Extended keyboard is preferred
Any MultiScan or MultiSync Display
The Blue G3 must have Power Macintosh G3 Firmware Update version 1.0.2 installed
© Orange Micro, Inc. 2002. All rights reserved.

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The support links via this Web Archive page might offer some help, but its looking difficult.

I saw a full Mac software updater for the 600 card there, its still downloadable, but it has the unfortunate name "WebInstaller" included in it's title - which hints to me there may be additional (now unavailable) software to be had online. Its a 10MB DL so maybe not?

The application only DL (opciapp342.bin) on the 600 drivers page might also work, but if you get it going, it will need the OM drivers for the Windows side too, for full compatibility.

Judging by the install description you need to remove the previous OM Mac software before running the updater, so this software update might install anyway even without having any previous software.

No clues to whether these might help your G3 "see" the card tho'...