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Pax Imperia Network Play?

According to the current version (9 June 2015) of Wikipedia's article on the original Pax Imperia (not Eminent Domain), this game could be played over an AppleTalk network.

However, I cannot find any evidence that such a version of the game was ever released. The floppy disk version, CD version, and the unofficial 1.5 patch, archived on this site, do not have network play. The archived "Package.pdf" contains a scan of a slip of paper that says you would receive version 1.2 if you returned your registration card. Supposedly, version 1.2 would have network play, and there is evidence that people who sent back the registration card never received anything:!topic/

Here is an announcement stating that there was going to be a "Pax Imperia 2.0" that was going to support network play (LocalTalk or modem):

The names "Pax Imperia 2" or "Pax Imperia II" usually refer to what ended up being called Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain.

If no networkable version ever actually existed, then the Wikipedia article should be edited accordingly. Does anyone know anything more about the existence of a networkable version of Pax Imperia prior to Eminent Domain?