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OT: Porting to Intel

It's been over 10 years since I coded up an X app. At the time, Codewarrior had just released v8 Pro. It allowed me to build Classic, Carbonized and native PPC apps for OS X (as well as Windows apps).

I'm just about to convince a Developer to share source code with me for something I want to port to Intel and OS X 10.8.

Given that I REALLY LIKE Codewarrior, is is possible to build an Intel app with it (any version)? If not, what should I look at as an alternate?



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Apple's Swift is the current programming language / environment of choice for Apple devices, although I'm not sure if that works for Mac OS X 10.8 development.

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No you can't build Intel apps with CodeWarrior, only Xcode. But if the app is already targeting Carbon, porting it from CW to Xcode will probably not be too hard. You'll need to use older versions of Xcode and the OS X SDK though.

I ported a PowerPlant app from CW to Xcode a few years back and enjoyed it:

Let me know if you need help/want to collaborate on it.

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Nice work, thanks for telling about your proceedings.
I hope you did save the old Xcode files locally as they may have become hard to obtain meanwhile.
After starting to collect old stuff from Apple´s site some years ago, I lost track when a large USB storage of mine broke down.