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Joined: 2018 Nov 2

I'm a new "old" user and I'm looking for an old version of OsiriX for Mac G5 Leopard, even the demo version is fine. Once it was Open Source software, now it is paid and no longer supports our beloved G5 ...
Thank you !


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Joined: 2018 Oct 14

Hope this version is old enough. Download link is working.

Compatibility with your G5 Leopard is however not certain.

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Joined: 2018 Nov 2

Great, work !
Thank you so much.


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Joined: 2009 Oct 18

Wow, nice--works in 10.4.11. At least, it installs and runs, although I didn't have a DICOM image stack handy on this computer to test it with. Looks fairly powerful too. Thanx!

If there are links to other versions, you might post those too... just incase.