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OS 9 Partition

what is the maximum size of a os9 partition (the startup). i have a mdd and i have some trouble with it after booting and sometimes before. right now its on 10Gb


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MDD just means that you can use larger "disks", above 120GB. The 2002 QuickSilver models had this too. But any PCI Mac with an appropriate card - like my Acard AEC-6280M - (M for Mac) could install and boot from disks larger than 120GB.

For OS9 I believe that you're limited to a "volume" size of about 192GB (a 200GB drive formats to 187GB) to boot. This i a volme limit so you could put in a larger drive and partition it into volumes smaller than 192GB.

OS9 can use larger volumes my MDD has 3 500GB volumes in it, they work fine, the only issue I get is using the Startup Disk control panel, it gets rather "slow" when it has to scan the 500GB volumes looking for OS's to boot from.