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An OS 9 emulator for OS X

I need a emulator to play these games on OS X. My old OS X had classic but this one doesn't. I need some help as I really want to play some of these games.


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I'm presuming you're on a MacIntel, no?

The best right now would be SheepShaver--a working recent build (the one that I use) can be found here:

There is a link to setup instructions for OS X, those work well. If you have problems, we can help you get things rolling...

It's important to note:

a.) SheepShaver only emulates up to 9.0.4, as 9.1 and 9.2.x require MMU emulation (which SheepShaver doesn't have).
b.) The emulation might be a little slower than you're used to as SheepShaver has to translate the PowerPC instructions over to x86 (Intel).
c.) There is a second, similar project (which can also be found at E-Maculation) called Basilisk II, this is for emulating the original Mac 680x0 processors up to OS 8.1. Some of the really old stuff here works better on Basilisk, but I've ran it on SheepShaver.

9.0.4 works well for running most of the games and applications hosted here (some things like A/UX won't, and I would guess you need actual vintage--and compatible Mac hardware to run it). Personally, I run both 8.6 and 9.0.4 for emulation.

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Or buy an old G4 for a few dollars / pounds. I've managed extremely well with emulators on my Mac Pro and MDD. Bought a QuickSilver to run OS9.2.2 (rather than reboot my MDD out of OSX 10.3.9) for a handful of pounds, came with loadsa disk, RAM, good video card, original optical drive and a Pioneer DVR-109 extra.

While the emulators still serve well for the really old OS's, jumping to the QuickSilver to play anything that requires OS9 is a breeze.

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Bertyboy's got the right idea. Wink

I've got a Digital Audio G4 with an 867MHz CPU and 64MB Radeon, both from the Quicksilver line. I did this because I just love the original outer case design of the G4. Anyway, it's dual-booting 9.2.2 and 10.5.8, and it runs just about all Classic apps flawlessly. I pretty much only run into trouble with older 68k apps.

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I've bid on a dual 500MHz G4, which I would leave running OS8.6 (and I can then bin my old iMac G3 - rev A 233MHz). I wonder if I can find a 3 (or 4) way KVM switch, or USB/VGA switch that would work with all my G4's ??