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A Few Last Question: USB Floppy Drives and Moving from PC to Mac OS 9... [SOLVED]

Hey guys, first off, I want to thank you for your help with my recent Powerbook Power Supply Debacle!

Secondly, I'm looking into getting an external floppy drive now to handle disk games I might run across.

Will any ol' USB External floppy drive do, or does it need to be a specific 'mac compatible' one?

This is for OS 9, I should note!

THE SECOND QUESTION is, I have moved stuff from a PC to a Mac Before. I did this via a Network. But this is really cumbersome and loathsome to deal with atm for me, though I can do it. I tried burning my things on the PC to a DVD, but the Mac did'nt seem to like could'nt read any of the files on it correctly, so I assume stuff is lost in translation in a burned PC disk.

Is there someway I can move stuff I downloaded for my mac on the PC (Such as SIT Files, etc) to the Mac on removable media?

Thank you!


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The USB floppy drive I bought several years ago requires a mac-specific driver. If I plug the device into a machine without the driver, I get a message to the effect that the device is unknown and can't be used. YMMV.


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Is there a 'Generic USB Floppy' Mac OS Driver? or do I need a driver made for the specific floppy drive?

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For an external USB floppy drive I use a TEAC brand external floppy. It requires no drivers of its own, only the Apple specific USB drivers that get installed with the Mac OS, 8.5.1 - 9.2.2 &/or USB PCI drivers if your Mac has a PCI card (a DL from Apple).

Keep in mind that all USB floppy drives cannot mount or read Mac 800k DD floppy media, only 1.4 MB Mac & other OS's 1.4MB media, plus 720k DOS floppies.

Reply to 2nd question: There usually isn't a problem moving stuff to a Mac via a PC on CD/DVD or any other media, if you follow one simple rule - keep the stuff you're moving in an archive format that can be moved to & extracted on the Mac drive you're moving it to. e.g; .sit, .bin, .hqx, etc.

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Hey guys. Thanks for the help!

* Learned that a USB Drive isn't gonna help me with Older Mac stuff, so....not what I want. ;P.

* I tried burning DVDs with various utilites, PowerISO, Nero, etc, but I had to actually go and get a Program called 'MacDrive' that allows you to format Mac-Formatted DVDs/CDs on Windows to eventually make a DVD Capable of reading the contents correctly in a usable manner. x-x;.