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Joined: 2010 Aug 15
Old Apple Commercials

For the true Apple enthusiast, there's a great website that has a plethora of old commercials. Hopefully you'll enjoy this site as much as me:



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Joined: 2009 Jul 16

When i get on my dell i'll have to take a look.

Is the the "Mac and PC" ads. Or is this the "1984" and "lemmings"ad era?

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Joined: 2010 Jun 16

It's all the old-era, 1984 up to the early 2000s, stopping about late 2006.

He has a few Keynotes too. I have a bunch of Apple Keynotes that I either downloaded from somewhere or downloaded from Apple when they streamed the event too. Don't think there's a huge interest in them but man I love them. I actually went to the 1999, 2000, and I think 2001 NY keynotes!