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Is this OK to upload to MG?

I've been translating the README file for the Scientific Attractive CD-ROM from Japanese to English. It reads in part as follows.


"Scientific Attractive Sample Showcase" CD is the copyrighed material
of Apple Computers, Inc. This "Scientific Attractive Sample Showcase"
CD may not be reproduced completely or in part without permission.

- Copyright for each of the demos is retained by the respective
developer and seller.

While some of the demos on the disk are probably abandonware, and none of the companies involved are going to be harmed materially by the redistribution of 17-year-old crippleware that was initially given away free, Apple's copyright on the CD as a whole is probably still valid, and they could enforce it if they wanted to.

What's the MG policy on material like this? Should I not even bother to upload anything that carries a copyright notice, or should I go ahead and post and we can delete it later if Apple complains?


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Apple won't mind you uploading something this old. All the copies of Mac OS here will have similar notices and there haven't been any issues with them.

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Just what I thought. Smile
Same for the ROMs ...

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Good. That sounds reasonable. I just wanted to check before I got someone in trouble.

Back to translating and uploading....