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Joined: 2011 Jul 21
Now many fonts will be safe to install?

I'm a fairly light weight user of OSX 10.8. Today I bought a set of Photoshop text styles as a download. They look VERY cool.

But they came with about 200 fonts that must be installed to make the text styles work properly.

On my MacOS 9 system, adding 200 fonts would make the system unusable. What about 10.8.5?



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Joined: 2018 Apr 16

On my MacOS 9 system, adding 200 fonts would make the system unusable.

Would it? I have so many I lost count: it's certainly above 100 and it works normally like always.

I would be surprised if something as modern as 10.8 couldn't take 200!

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I have close to 800 Fonts installed on my MacOS 8.1. But I do it with Adobe Type Manager Deluxe.
W/o that tool I couldn't even handle over a hundred fonts on my box.

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I have 1772 additional fonts installed on my macOS 10.14 box, and haven't had any speed issues.

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I have around 1000 fonts installed on all of my computers. I do see some lag when they are displayed, e.g. the font selection preview of modern text programs such as Word. Old version will only display the name, not a preview of the font itself. Anyhow, I do feel that it could impact performance when the fonts get loaded (the list of font has to be made at one point), but it shouldn't make the operating system unstable or anything. Also, used fonts will require to be loaded into RAM. For very old, very slow and very limited computers too many fonts will be an issue, but not for anything like a G4 with 1 GB or memory or better.